Donating Food is Always Welcomed!

All items should be dropped off at the pantry during donor hours. Donation values will be recorded and donor recognition will be given.

Donations of unexpired staple boxed and canned goods are welcomed. We ask that you do not donate items that have passed their expiration date or are damaged in a manner causing them to be unusable. Tax receipts will be given as appropriate.

Donations of perishable foods will be considered on a case by case basis. All perishable food must be handled in a safe manner and will only be accepted if the director is confident safe food handling procedures have been followed. Processed game is accepted when properly dressed and packaged. Tax receipts will be given as appropriate.

Check the hours and location page for drop-off information.

Gardens are a wonderful source of fresh foods.  Donations from community, farmer’s markets and home gardens are welcomed. Tax receipts will be given as appropriate.

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