Volunteer Case Manager

Flexible (operates when the pantry is open)

VOLUNTEER JOB TITLE: Volunteer Case Manager
Reports to: Executive Director
Type*Flexible Part-time (Works during pantry business hours weekly)

Volunteer Case Managers help families who are enrolled in the HHFP Breathing Room program and or Pit Stop program to navigate the array of support services to increase their stability in four key areas.

1.         Housing: How is the client progressing in moving from temporary to a more permanent housing solution?

2.         Food insecurity: Does the client need food pantry services? If so tie them into either HHFP or a food pantry closer to their projected new domicile.

3.         Transportation: Does the client have the means to get back and forth? If not case management will attempt to tie them into Transportation referral services, (which may or may not include Pit Stop)

4.         Employment: Does the client have adequate income to sustain their household? If not case management will attempt to refer to an appropriate referral support service.


Case management: Consists of connecting the recipient(s) with authorized support services as relevant and documenting how the person is progressing in utilizing said support services. The position is primarily connects clients to referral resource and is NOT a counseling or clinical position.

In the Breathing Room program Case Management review the following areas of need via mandatory face-to face weekly visits. (Areas of review are based off the ALICE criteria)




  • Review client applications
  • Meet face to face with clients to acquire eligibility paper work
  • Answers and makes phone calls in a courteous and professional manner
  • Answer agency inquiries about services
  • Enter data into an online client database

Enter data into Google spreadsheets


  • General business related computer skills, including the ability to learn and use data management programs.
  • Able to utilize Microsoft office programs (Word, Excel,)
  • Ability to utilize Google Spreadsheets
  • Excellent organizational skills – ability to prepare written reports on a timely basis
  • Ability to effectively cultivate positive relationships with all the stakeholders:  volunteers, staff, board members, donors, the business community and the general public.
  • Ability to plan, research and act
  • Ability to multi-task and adapt to a changing work environment
  • General business related computer skills, including the ability to learn and use non-profit data management programs.
  • Ability to relate to volunteers and clients, showing respect for diversity.

Ability to work flexible hours

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